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Contest Overview
Welcome to Pro Tour Fantasy Golf's Fall Series Contest! This $25 contest is just like our weekly leagues where you pick 3 golfers each week plus a weekend sub except:
  1. This contest consists of only 9 tournaments.
  2. Each team gets 3 mulligans instead of 6 as allowed in standard 24-week league format. A mulligan allows you to use a golfer a third time as you're only allowed to use each golfer twice throughout the contest. For more information, be sure to check out our contest rules and FAQs.

Just like all of our contests, there are cash prizes to be won! This league is limited to 200 participants, so signup today. Unlike other fantasy golf contests with thousands of participants, you actually have a realistic chance of winning a cash prize when you play Pro Tour Fantasy Golf. Plus, our game is quick and easy to play!

Commissioner's Message
Congratulations to Lon Peterson (Meney) as he is the 2020 PTFG Fall Series champion!
Bonus Contest

Best Ball Competition

Red Golf Club For those who like to play multiple teams in a single PTFG league, check out our Best Ball competition. This is a bonus competition for those users playing two or more individual teams. For every two individual teams you enter, you get one free Best Ball team. The top Best Ball team for the overall season wins a prize.
For more information, click on the "What is this?" question & answer link on the Best Ball Standings page. Playing two teams gives you the opportunity to start 6 different golfers each week instead of just 3. The Best Ball competition does not impact the individual team standings or prizes.